How Joyfa Works

Joyfa's ecosystem comprises three distinct elements as follows.
  1. 1.
Starting this May, Joyfa's Drops page will enable creators to sell their 3D sneakers as NFTs, providing an exciting new revenue stream for them.
  1. 2.
Using our cutting-edge AR technology, NFT owners can enjoy an immersive fashion experience by visualizing their sneakers in 3D and seeing them come to life in the real world.
  1. 3.
Engagement is at the heart of the Joyfa ecosystem. We offer a range of social features to enable creators, NFT owners, and other members of our community to interact with each other.
We will encourage NFT owners to post images and comments on the NFT page. As NFT owners post, creators' scores increase, incentivizing engagement and creating a virtuous cycle of creativity and community building.