Some people say that NFT hype is going down, but digital sneakers seem to be an exception.
Even just in April 2023, RTFKT's sneakers took over the iconic 3D billboard in the middle of Tokyo and Lebron James is now wearing their sneakers. .Swoosh, Nike's web3 community platform, announced its Our Force 1 collection. American rapper star Lil Durk dropped his sneaker NFTs on Algorand.
The compatibility of digital sneakers and NFTs is undeniable, as they share the following similarities:
Collectibility Both digital sneakers and NFTs possess a rare and collectible quality as limited-edition items, bestowing significant value upon those who possess them.
Community Both digital sneakers and NFTs have an ardent and devoted community surrounding them. Collectors engage in social platforms and communities to flaunt and exchange their collections with like-minded individuals.
Creative Expression Digital sneakers and NFTs provide a medium for creative expression. Designers and creators utilize their imagination and innovation to craft unique and imaginative designs, showcasing their artistic vision to the world.